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Kyushu Arcades: Fukuoka: Tenjin Taito Station

I figured if I’m going to start this I might as well start it with the “big dog” so to speak. Right in Tenjin area of Fukuoka city (the heart of the city) lies, Tenjin Taito Station. How fitting that within the heart of the city lays the heart of the Fukuoka and by extension, the Kyushu scene. Tenjin Taito Station (or “Tentai”) is the spot for Fukuoka’s fighting game (arcade) scene. While other arcades do well this is without a doubt the place where the best players gather on a regular basis.  Tentai is located right in the center of Tenjin. Less than 5 minutes from both the Fukuoka City subway Tenjin stop and the Nishitetsu Tenjin stop.

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Sasaki Taito Station Arcade Footage

Top Cody player stopped by Fukuoka’s Taito Station and in the process battled out with a few strong players in the area including, Darui who is the #1 ranked player in Kanagawa and Oitajin who is the #9 ranked player in Fukuoka and also a couple Chrono Phantasma videos featuring Bullet and Ragna. Link to playlists after the jump…

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