UPDATED: 2nd Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Location Test @ Fukuoka Taito Station

So I haven’t been to the arcade really in over a month because I started a part time job on top of my full time one. So I randomly decided to stop by Taito and found out that there has been a location test for the new Blazblue running there since last Wednesday and it will end this Wednesday.

So I managed to get few videos before my phone died. One of the highlights is that the Bullet player is actually Shingo, a Fukuoka player who tied for 3rd place at SBO in P4U. More videos after the jump…

I got to chat with him about Bullet and he seems to think she’s a pretty strong character. And we both agreed that she needs to use Heat Up as soon as possible because she’s a little slow without it. He also told me that her air dash quite strong if you get a running start.


Tuesday November 13th Footage:



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