What’s this all about?

The idea for this came about when two (foreign) guys who were living in Japan and loved fighting games decided that despite the fact that top players from the west occasionally visit Japan, the west doesn’t really have a clue about the Japanese scene outside of major areas like Tokyo or Osaka (and even then they still don’t know THAT much). So they decided to help shed some light on the scene in (poorly written and spoken) English.

Not that the two of us are experts on Japan or godlike fighting game players (far from it) or anything like that. But what we do have is experience with living in what we’d consider to be the strongest fighting game scene in the world. So if you’re interested in learning a bit more about what goes on around here then stick around.

Also, I say “we” because it was two of us who originally came up with the idea but I (Digital Masta) am sort of the main driving force behind all this stuff so majority of the time it will be me who you’ll be hearing from.

And if you’re wondering why the name is “Kyushu FGC” it’s because that’s where we live. The lovely southern island of Kyushu. Go check out Wikipedia if you wish to know a little more about it.


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