UNiB: Gordeau movelist description

I decided that I need to put more effort into translating things, so I decided to start with the move list for Under Night In-birth. I’m not promising that I’ll get through the entire cast but at the very least I wanted to get through the character I main at the moment. Feel free to use this wherever you want, just mention where you got it. Despite the fact that I do speak Japanese (well enough, anyway) I’m actually unfamiliar with a lot of Japanese fighting game jargon so bear with the translations. I haven’t actually finished every minor detail but all the moves are there.

A Attacks
5A ローキック。下段。

5A: Low Kick. Hits low

2A しゃがみ小パンチ。上段。
2A: Crouching Punch. Hits Mid

JA やや下方向にパンチ。
JA: A somewhat down directional punch (odd English I know)
B Attacks:

5B リーチ短めのショートアッパー。腹パン。
5B: A short reach uppercut. Stomach punch

6B 踏み込みながら殴りつける。中段。
6B: A forward advancing attack. Hits Overhead.

2B 足払い。下段。
2B: Sweep. Hits low.

JB 2ヒット技。横方向に長い蹴り2発。
2B: Long horizontal kick. 2 hits

ダッシュB 前慣性つきヤクザキック。
66B (Dash B): Lunging Yakuza Kick (literally “Forward Momentum Yakuza Kick”)
C attacks

5C 鎌を叩きつける。リーチが長いが、空中ガード可能
5C: Strikes with his scythe, has long reach but can be blocked in the air.

溜5C 5Cと同じモーション。溜めることで中段に。
Charge 5C: Same motion but attack becomes an overhead

2C 真上方向に鎌を振りあげる。対空やコンボに使える。
2C: Strikes upward with his scythe. Can be used as an anti-air and in combos

3C リーチ長めのスライディング。ガード時はキャンセルが掛からない為、反確。
3C: Long reaching sliding kick and it’s not cancelable on block. Unsafe.

JC カカト落としのようなモーションの蹴り
JC: Jumping Ax Kick.

溜JC JCの強化版。ヒット時は床バウンドから追撃可能
Charge JC: Stronger version. Causes a floor bounce on hit allowing for follow attacks.

ダッシュC タックル。ヒット時は壁バウンドから追撃可能
66C (Dash C): Tackle. Causes a wall bounce on hit allowing for follow up attacks.#12290;



Mortal Slide 236A/B/EX (Air OK)

横へ鎌を伸ばして引っ掛ける。追加入力をしなかった場合、相手は後方に倒れる。EX版はロック系の乱舞技。 最後は空中で蹴り飛ばして締める。空中版は、鎌を半回転させて攻撃。

Extends his scythe sideways and hooks the opponent. When not using the additional attack the opponent will fall backwards, during the EX version he moves around wildly like a rock star (WHAT?!).
While in the air he kicks tightly (?). During the mid-air version he spins the scythe halfway.

シェイドハーベスト 地上版「モータルスライド」中に236+AorB

Shade Harvest: During Mortal Slide (On the ground) 236+A or B

モータルスライドヒット時に相手を引き寄せる。ガードされていた場合、硬直差が不利な状況で引き寄せてしま うので注意。
When Mortal Slide hits, Gordeau will pull the opponent in using Shade Harvest. Unsafe on block.

いただきだ (アシミレイション) 「シェイドハーベスト」中に236+AorB

Itadakida (Assimilation): During Shade Harvest 236+A or B


Gordeau grabs the opponent after pulling them. Causes a hard knockdown, the grab steals some of the opponents GRD

グリムリーパー 623+AorBorEX

Grim Reaper: 623+A/B/EX


Gordeau swings his scythe around his entire body covering nearly the entire screen. Cannot be blocked in the air and if the A or B version hits it will cause a wall bounce for follow up attacks. (NOTE: EXTREMELY UNSAFE ON BLOCK…trust me I know)

いただきだ (アシミレイション) 214+AorBorEX コマンド投げ。

Itadakida (Assimilation): 214+ A/B/EX Command Grab

成功時に相手のGRDゲージを一つ吸収する。コンボに組み込むことも可能で、その場合は浮いてる相手も掴め る。

If successful he will take one point of GRD from the opponent. Can be combed into and can also catch floating opponents. (Not sure if that means characters that are in an untechable state of just all characters in mid-air).

エイムオーペニング 22+AorBorEX

Aim Opening: 22A/B or EX

地面に鎌を叩きつけて攻撃。B版とEX版はその後に鎌をヘリコプターのように回しながら飛び上がり、地面に 振り下ろす。

A ground attack using the scythe, the B and EX versions follow up with an aerial helicopter move that comes crashing down to the ground. (the last part of the attack may be an overhead)

タービュランス 41236+D

Infinite Verse:

Turbulence 41236+D


Gordeau chaotically swings his scythe. This ain’t rock. (WTF?)

Infinite Verse EXST

ソウルヴァニッシュ A+B+C

Soul Vanish A+B+C

強化版【いただきだ】をした後、殴る蹴るで吹っ飛ばして、青白く光る鎌で一閃してフィニッシュ 。

After doing an enhanced version of itadakida (Assimilation) Gordeau beats the shit out of the opponent and then finishes the opponent in one pale flash!

Translated from: http://www18.atwiki.jp/un_inbirth/pages/25.html


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